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Crisis Management is defined as:


“The identification of threats to an organization and its stakeholders, and the methods used by the organization to deal with these threats”.


Ouroboros provide strategic crisis management, communication support and psychological intervention 24 hours a day.


Knowing what to do in unfamiliar situations can be devastating for your organisation.  With over 18 years of crisis management experience we can help organisations develop their crisis management strategy. This is achieved via our five point plan to crisis management.


By undertaking a risk audit we can significantly enhance your crisis

strategy. Clients can benefit from our wide range of cross-industry

experience whilst we quickly develop an understanding of your

organisation, and probe key staff to identify where the risks exist in

your operations and how these risks are best addressed. Our audit

report will detail how to improve your strategy for enhancing your

crisis response plans.



User-friendly crisis plans are the bedrock of any organisation's crisis management structure. In conjunction with your team, we can create your crisis response plans. This process will involve exploring a number of areas within your organisation and will develop from the information gathered during the crisis risk audit.



Ouroboros  Consulting have delivered numerous training workshops

and simulation exercises. We can provide you with training for your

crisis teams to deal with all aspects of managing the incident.

This could include a general overview of crisis management or perhaps

more specific input for your individual crisis management teams.

Workshops including introduction to crisis management, tabletop extercises, full scale crisis response exercises, special assistance team development & support and crisis media training.



All plans and procedures need to be tested regularly to provide an opportunity to review their effectiveness and further develop them as and where necessary. We find that the best method is to conduct a real-life simulation exercise. These can range from a simple but effective tabletop exercise through to a large scale real-time scenario. The exercise will provide an efficient cost-effective means of testing your documented procedures. It will identify significant flaws or omissions in the crisis response plans and procedures, in time to make changes prior to an actual incident.


"Testing leads to failure and failure leads to understanding"



If your organisation was hit by a significant crisis, how certain are you that your team can make the critical decisions you face quickly and correctly? Where will you find teams of trauma specialists to support your people in the event of serious  traumatic incidents? Ouroboros Consulting can help you 24/7 by acting quickly and decisively at the right time. We all want to do the right thing - but knowing what the right thing is can be difficult, this is where Ouroboros Consulting can help.

Critical Incident Overview
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